Why Blogs Make Effective Squeeze Pages

Squeeze pages are a vital component of the list building process whose only drawback is that they seem ‘cold’ and pushy! In fact for these reasons the opt-in rates on these pages tend to be low. Well with the general internet population seeming to favor more online ‘interactivity’ how about channeling traffic directly to a blogging platform? If a squeeze page is intended to build a list for your business, why not introduce these people immediately to the ‘cozy’ atmosphere of your home business blog? If nothing more and they do not immediately opt-in at least the chance remains that they will return whereas a squeeze page offers no such chance!

Here are 3 realistic advantages a home business blog offers when trying to capture the contact information of visitors to your site.

Useful Content

Unlike a squeeze page a blogging platform contains useful and intriguing information, and lots of it, which will serve to keep visitors on the page longer. Another advantage here is that the content people see on a home business blog normally carries more relevance to the ad that brought them to the site. So at this point you have more ‘intrigue’ and thereby a greater change of them returning time and again. This is especially valuable if you do not succeed at getting their contact information from them on the first visit.


When visitors first arrive on any type of landing page that are almost immediately instructed to leave their contact info and this obviously turns many away, poof, gone forever. When they land on your web-log they are ‘greeted’ by nicely formatted posts chock full of information relevant to their interest. Sure the option is presented to them to sign up for your list, but they have the choice of simply reading the content without doing so. The fact is they have a choice that does not require them to leave any private information first, therefore they feel less bullied or irritated.

Trust Building

Now all along we are operating under the premise that your web-log contains compelling content that will motivate people to continue returning to your site. It is based upon this assumption that if you can not get people to opt-in on the first visit you will have other chances when they return. As visitors come and go, and read your useful postings, you develop a bond and a trust with them which will serve to make them comfortable and more inclined to leave their information with you. Either way at least you got them coming to your site!

Although squeeze pages are very effective for list building purposes a blogging platform offers an atmosphere that could improve opt-in rates. The 3 advantages reviewed above serve to show how channeling traffic directly to your home business blog can help to immediately increase the comfort level of visitors. In doing so you are better able to create trust which will contribute to the visitors willingness to leave their contact information. In this way people will be appreciative of the subtle approach and not feel as if they are being immediately ‘frisked’ for their private information. The biggest advantage of all is that a blog offers you multiple opportunities to capture a visitors contact information whereas squeeze pages do not. If you can offer yourself more than one chance to capture a visitors contact information you are making better use of the traffic you generate. In the end this should make it easier for you to build a list.

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